MetroOffice Architetti was founded in Florence in 2006 by Fabio Barluzzi and Barbara Ponticelli after their previous collaboration, which had begun nine years before, in the office z-ax architetti.
Our main concern is architectural design on different scales, from analysis of a single residential unit to the development of city planning and all the various models deriving from that. Since the beginning of our activity, our research has been oriented towards the experimenting with new kinds of language, even inside already consolidated historical contexts.
Our work is trying to analyze all the interactions intervening, from time to time, between the housing function and the social and urban ones. We intend to offer an original typologic solution, analyzing from time to time, shape, modes of expression, different languages, phenomena such as urban density and reduction, always trying to capture the driving impulse, as a real source of energy for the development of the project.

We work with companies especially involved in the fashion world. Our work is focused on the rebranding.
The job starts analyzing the brand, the collection, the production plants and then creating a custom concept that represents the essence of the company itself.
Companies elaborate concepts for the retail sector and by the shops it is showed to the public but usually they don’t give to their offices and to their production plants the same attention. Also they don’t invest enough resources in this direction that is important to involve the employers in a real team. Our aim is to do that and let people who is working in become part of the brand.
We create the concept and we transfer it inside the office spaces and the production plants.
Our experience in this specific field is wide and various and it is easy to demonstrate how this practice improved the quality of the job, the productivity of the employers and the economic income for the company that did it.

Since 2017 we founded our new engineering company MetroOffice SRLS.

Fabio Barluzzi is an architect graduated with honours at the University of Florence in 1994. Before his degree he spent four months in Kevin Roche Office (New Haven, Massachusetts), analyzing Roche’s approach to office space design. After several yearst experience in residential and retail architecture, in 2009 he co-founded MetroOffice Architetti with Barbara Ponticelli. Fabio is Professor in the Interior Design course at the Kent State University in Florence.

Barbara Ponticelli is an architect graduated with full marks at the University of Florence in 1998. After degree she spent three years on Firenze Progetti Office. From 2001 to 2006 she worked in z-ax architetti office, where after nine years of collaboration with Fabio Barluzzi, decided to founded MetroOffice Architetti office.


Ilaria Cioni, Serena Nenciarini, Leonardo Masala, Alberto Becherini, Annelise Donati, Carlos Loggia, Cinzia Cossu, Cristina Razzanelli, Marco Aurelio Postacchini, Marco Franchini, Maria Chiara Fiordispino, Santo Curcio, Virginia Viti


Our Clients:

Celine Production
Balenciaga Logistica
Kering Fashion Operation

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