Small Railway Station, Italia

Year: 2008

With: Arch. Cristina Razzanelli

2° prize ex aequo, 1° prize not assigned. Jury: Silvio D’Ascia, Stefano Boeri, Angelo Monti, Carlo De Vito

The project is based on a grid of 1 m x 1 m, with elements such as walls, ceilings, platform roofs, garden elements, fencing elements, etc. organized by modules. The different types of stations are designed using a modular layout so that a free and expandable organization of the new elements is superimposed on the rigid configuration of the station. In this way, the façade, the hall, the commercial spaces, the platform roofs, the bathrooms, etc., can be taken into consideration, according to the specific needs of the station. The architectural simplicity enable an immediate recognition for the user and an easy insertion of the elements, both in architecturally consolidated terms and in still virgin situations.

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