Public Garden Renovation

Location: Radda in Chianti (SI), Italia
Year: 2018

The kiosk project is part of the redevelopment program of the gardens of Piazza 4 Novembre as an area for the promotion of cultural and recreational events that are periodically carried out within it. Thanks to its position, the area of ​​Piazza 4 Novembre offers notable design ideas that can favor both social interactions and a strong relationship with the historical and environmental context of the small village. Through this approach, the intervention aims to integrate within the square not as a space purely destined only for events, but as a permeable place in which the community recognizes and relates.

The kiosk has been designed as an architectural element with a light and modular structure, permeable and adaptable to various contexts and situations. Through a system of vertical mirrored blades with different orientations placed on the façades facing the square, the reflection of the image that the surrounding area gives with its strong presence of arboreal essences allows for the dematerialization of the intervention, in favor of a total integration with the surrounding environmental context.

On the other hand, there is the discourse of the façade facing the valley, which will be treated in such a way as to enhance it and detach it with the historic village of Radda in Chianti in the background. Through the kiosk spaces it will be possible to access the relax area, equipped with tables, chairs and panoramic points where you can enjoy a pleasant microclimate, and develop along the gentle slope that runs along the small hill below, ending with the recreation area for children, with games and equipment. With the new intervention we propose to reactivate the synergy between the levels by creating links from several points: the icebox, the kiosk and the side access.

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