Piscine du Montoly

Location: Gland, Switzerland
Year: 2011

With: Arch. Marco Franchini, Arch. Marco Aurelio Postacchini, Arch. Santo Curcio

Project selected among the 11 finalist projects for the last judgment phase between 50 participating projects.

The main characteristics of the design of the Swimming Pool in Montoly are the various sights of the internal life from different points of view in the building. The access to the building sets the different flows of the main users of the building: swimmers and visitors. From the outside a large window shows the succession of interior spaces. The internal garden is meant to be the true heart of the building around which all the functions are organized. The internal spaces of the pool area are arranged under the gallery that surrounds the upper level of the pool on three sides. A glazed corridor towards the garden leads the users of the swimming pool towards the area that hosts the self-service. The gallery around the pool area, leads visitors and accompanying guests on a continuous journey, offering a suggestion of panoramas and views both inside and out.

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