Location: Scandicci (FI), Italia
Year: 2018

Photo by Lorenzo Mennonna

The refurbishment project of the workspace for this important fashion brand focuses on creating spaces with a strong identity that best express the brand. In order to do this, the new setting of the spaces tries to enhance the industrial character of the buildings pursuing a minimal and essential space quality, embellished with polished steel details and polycarbonate partition walls that bring out the brightness and purity of the rooms. At the same time the new arrangement of workspaces through the creation of large open spaces wants to favor greater flexibility in order to facilitate collaboration and exchange occasions and create a shared environment with a strong sense of collectivity. The project concerned the redevelopment of two different buildings. For the first one of the two, the work also involved the detailed design of custom desks and lamps. The structure of the desks with turnable legs permits desks to be combined so that single workstations can be pulled together and form a continuous long table, allowing different work settings.

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